Adam Hajnos

Art Director

Adam Hajnos is Art Director and lead graphic designer at Brasco///.  Adam joined us in 2013, coming from an agency background where served as creative designer on national brand accounts such as Subway.  He assists in creative planning and leads all design initiatives executing client strategy, visual branding and vision.

With the belief that everything is designed, good design can make the difference between chicken salad and chicken sh*t. Adam specializes in user experience, making sure that all creative is purposeful and resonates with the audience.

Experience & Diversity:  Entrepreneur at heart, Adam has owned several of his own businesses including graphic design, photography and even an antiques business. Previous experience includes restaurants, healthcare, musicians, sports, b2b as well as many others.

Recent client work includes:  Irregardless Café, Mims Distributing, NC Egg Association, HagerSmith Architects

A Real fact:  A possible vinyl record addict, Adam is most commonly found flipping through dusty boxes of records at thrift stores. Each record not only has the songs of the artist, but holds a unique story about it’s history as a whole. It’s fun to think about who the record may have belong to, how far it traveled to end up here or special moments it may have been played for in the past.

Using Cinemagraphs to Spark Engagement

Brasco /// March 29, 2016 by

Is it a photograph? Is it a video? It’s both, actually.   What is a cinemagraph? It’s essentially a looping animated gif, but it’s called a “cinemagraph”, and it combines the stillness of a photograph with the subtle motion of video in an effort to engage the viewers ever diminishing attention span. While the concept of […]