Mally Dietrich

Marketing Specialist

Mally Dietrich is our Marketing Specialist.  She is a multifaceted marketer with many talents, including content marketing strategy, website development and is an excellent copywriter.  She works with our brand and marketing strategy team on market research, competitive analysis, and marketing planning.  She also works with our digital team on helping implement content and digital marketing strategies through onsite optimization and content generation.

Experience & Diversity: Mally is currently working towards her BA in Communication with a concentration in Media from North Carolina State University. She is a bright young star in the marketing world, and we are happy to have her on our team.  Her continued drive to learn is evident in her pursuits to gain industry certifications and experience while adding to and improving her skills.

Real fact: Mally likes to compare herself to a swiss army knife–she is not only sharp and speaks german, but she has a multitude of other interests and talents hiding away, waiting to be utilized. Some of her interests include keeping bees, being a wanna-be-foster-dog mom and hiking up mountains.

Let Professional Photography Help Improve Your Brand’s Image

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Online Customer Engagement – Part 1: Transitioning the Conversation

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  We are well beyond the newness of the digital age in which we live. Telling you that an overwhelming majority of people in the United States are frequently online (nearly 85%) will not make any headlines.  What may peak your interest, however, is HOW people engage online and what exactly triggers it. We’ll have […]