5 Quotes By Muhammad Ali That We Can Apply to Life and Business


Muhammad Ali



“While all leaders must pass, the great ones pass-on,” –
Kevin Cashman



Muhammad Ali was a true leader.   


He did more than fight in a ring.  He fought in life, for peace, justice, faith, and everything in between.  Though we mourn the loss of a magnificent man, we are lucky that he passed on heaps of life lessons we ourselves can fight for moving forward.


Muhammad shared with us many words of wisdom during his lifetime.  Many of which we can use to motivate ourselves to become better leaders in life, and in business.  



Muhammad Ali



Take Risks

Starting your own business is not easy.  There’s no secret to that.  One of the many struggles small business owners or entrepreneurs face is deciding whether or not to take risks.  We all know trying something new can be scary.  Especially, when it involves a business that might be struggling.  However, when you think about it, wasn’t starting your own business a huge risk in the first place?


Your business was born by taking a risk.


The most important thing to know here is the difference between impulsive risks based off of fear, and smart risks that have the potential to better your business.  


Muhammad Ali was known for taking chances.  As you can see, he accomplished a lot by doing that.  However, he knew that taking those risks were important to him, and he understood the reasons why they were.


Therefore, when it comes to deciding what kind of risky situation to put yourself in, make sure you do your research.  Understand why you are deciding to take a chance, and what possibilities can come from it.  


The business/marketing industry is surrounded by risks, and in order to survive, you must be courageous enough to take them.




Ask for Help

There are so many key facets that fit into making a business become the most successful version of itself.  Some businesses have the ability to include all of their experts under one roof.  Others may be a lot smaller and could be limited to certain types of knowledge.  


A lot of places are unable to hire an expert for every different piece of the particular industry.  Therefore it’s important to realize where your expertise lie, and where they do not.  


Know when it’s time to look to someone else.


If you find yourself becoming larger by the minute, and you’re losing time towards your particular areas such as social media, email marketing, advertising, lead generating etc., it might be time to get some assistance.


Be wise at making decisions and let an experts wisdom be used to your advantage when it can’t come from within.


Muhammad Ali


It’s the Little Things

The business world is built up by projects.  Some are big, some are small.  Consulting plays a big role in that too.  To move projects along, it’s good to have some assistance.  However, when it becomes a collaborative project, or one that involves two different parties, it’s the little things that can make a significant difference.


When providing a service for others, constant communication, and standard procedures make things go alot smoother.  Getting to the big picture might be stressful, but the small steps along the way can cause minor setbacks or failures if they aren’t payed attention to.


Don’t let the rocks in your shoe prohibit you from taking your next steps.  Instead, address them and continue on the sheltered path to greatness.


Muhammad Ali


Make it Count

Just about everyone has their own typical workday routine.  It may not always go as planned, but a sense of formality starts to build the more you get situated into a certain job.  


Sometimes that formality becomes redundant.  Your typical work procedures may happen so often that you begin to just go through the motions.  With that said, a lot of important things can get overlooked.  


Not only that, but that typical Monday feeling or eager Friday vibes can have us living in the future or past.  Which can take away from the projects we are working on.  


Accepting that it is normal, it’s still good to remind yourself why you are working in the first place.  For the most part, it is to make a difference in some way.  Therefore, make time to remind yourself of that, so you can continually become inspired to make those days count, and worthwhile.


Muhammad Ali


Have Faith

Believe in yourself and your business.  Not only that but believe in your employees too.  


Without faith in what you do, that appealing spark is going to burn out.  That spark is what draws people in.  Being confident in your abilities is going to shine through when you truly believe in them.  In turn, your customers are going see that, and feel more comfortable working with you.  However, know the difference between confidence and arrogance.


If you’re losing faith, find out why and get it back.  Maybe you’re missing something, or maybe you’re in the wrong field.  The reasons vary but whatever it is, it’s the faith that makes the difference.  Believing in your company makes you more equipped to take on challenges and succeed in them.  


Believe and you will succeed.


Muhammad Ali was great at what he did.  He was talented at his job nonetheless, but he was also adamant about maintaining those key qualities that made him successful.  He remained determined, inspired, and confident in himself and his strength.  


No matter what field we’re in, Muhammad’s mindset is one we can all learn from.  


Let’s not be afraid to get in that ring and give it our all.  We have the power to become great, so put on those boxing gloves and make it happen.


Muhammad Ali


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