Excuse us while we blow out our own candles for turning 10 years old as a company. We are excited to celebrate a DECADE of Brasco /// !

We’ve seen a lot of change in marketing and technology over the past 10 years.

In 2008, the iPhone had only recently been released. We were just beginning to uncover the potential of mobile marketing and communications.
In 2008 we were still learning about the power of social media and social strategies to reach an audience. Facebook was just starting to gain widespread momentum and Instagram hadn’t even launched yet.
In 2008, websites were built differently. Brasco /// was one of the first agencies who adopted designing mobile responsive in 2011 (please excuse our humble brag).
In 2008, email marketing was a work in progress. Proper segmentation and understanding of email marketing strategies could definitely be described as being “in its infancy”. Digital marketing and marketing automation technology was essentially Hubspot, Google Analytics, paid search, and SEO.
People held more trust in the brands they used. Today, customers demand more, are more skeptical, and need you to show more credibility. Their expectations for brands have changed’ they need to be more transparent and accountable.
The world looked a bit different.

But, one thing remains the same: people are people. They want to interact and be engaged, to be a part of something, have fun, save time. People want a lot of things. Our job as creative marketers is to use our minds and the tools around us to communicate with an audience in an authentic way. That is something that always has been and always will be part of Brasco ///.

Join us in celebrating a DECADE in Brasco ///!
We will have some surprises for you throughout the year.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Were you playing your new Playstation 3? Were you joining the Barack Obama for president movement?
Join the conversation! Use #BrascoDECADE

What Our Clients Have Said Over the Years

“I’m appreciative of the excellent service and all of the great work that Brasco /// has done for me and Castle over the years. Your team is knowledgeable, provides strategic insights for marketing, and ultimately helped us with the brand that we have today.”

Jeffrey LaRiche, Chairman, Castle

“My medical practice was one of the first clients for Brasco ///. After meeting with Brandon and his team, I felt comfortable with the direction they were leading us. They helped us create a unique brand for the medical specialty of gastroenterology called “The GI Guy”. Brasco /// has stood by our practice for ten years and we appreciate all they have done for us.”

Kurt Vernon, MD, Physician, The GI Guy

“Congratulations on celebrating a special achievement, 10-years of delivering great quality work is not an easy task. Brasco /// makes creative branding look easy when it’s really not. Cheers to another 10 years!”

Chris Mospan, Director, Opex Technologies

“Brasco /// was starting up around the same time that I launched my first footwear company called Kindersoles. You helped me build a unique, socially conscious consumer brand in Kindersoles.  After achieving success with Kindersoles our company was acquired by Feelgoodz. We’ve gone on to achieve successful growth – the rest is history.  Brasco /// certainly helped us along the way and I am appreciative. Thank you and congratulations on 10-years!”

Mark Saad, CEO, Feelgoodz