Brasconian Spotlight: Meet Barbara Pace, Client Services Coordinator

Brasco/// is excited to welcome Barbara Pace to the team as our Client Services Coordinator! Barbara received her BA in Communication, Media and Culture with a minor in Advertising from The University of Tampa. With her knowledge in social media marketing, content creation, advertising, and more, she is able to put her diverse skills into business development and communicating efficiently with her team and new clients. Barbara is passionate about all aspects of marketing and is continuing her knowledge about different areas of the field. She also currently assists Women and Men Against Prostate Cancer, a non-profit cancer awareness group, with updating their website and creating flyers where she also has designed and created a postage stamp for Prostate Cancer awareness.


Originally from Long Island, New York, Barbara enjoys going to the beach and traveling. She also enjoys snowboarding, surfing, marine conservation, and going to local breweries and wineries with friends. Most of the time, you can find her enjoying the night in, playing video games, or exploring the local area.


“Everyone can be unique and different and that it’s celebrated and welcomed.” – Barbara Pace, on what she enjoys about working at Brasco.


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Video by Tray Biddle, Video & Media Specialist at Brasco ///