Brasconian Spotlight: Meet Sam Chang, Jr. Graphic Designer

Brasco/// is excited to welcome Sam Chang to the team as our newest Jr. Graphic Designer! Sam is a Graphic Design graduate from North Carolina State University’s College of Design. She is passionate about storytelling, playfulness, and ideation through shared design experiences. Her background is in branding, digital marketing, front-end web design, UX/UI, and portrait photography, and is eager to learn more!


Sam is a lover of puppies, tea, lofi music, bullet journaling, and long walks on sunny days. You can find Sam at your nearest café or Boba shop doing her best productive work.


“As a UX Designer, I’ve always been interested in how the human mind works. What makes a person behave or act? What motivates people to make decisions? How can someone influence a design to guide or predict someone’s decisions? And most importantly, how can we design products to impact our communities and society in better ways? I love to be apart of creating the designs that impact people on small or larger scales. ” – Sam, on UX Design


Brasco /// is an award-winning creative branding and marketing agency. We engage audiences to tell great stories through a fully integrated suite of marketing services. The agency is built on the concept of “Be Authentic”, a mantra that motivates our team, our clients, and our work to seek real connections and experiences. Armed with a client base in a variety of industries, Brasco /// specializes in marketing strategy, creative brand design, web development, online/SEO marketing and integrated marketing services.

The company, located in the heart of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, maintains a prestigious client base and is a one-stop shop for all aspects of design and marketing creation and management. The agency has been providing services to clients since 2009 and delivers passion, energy, creativity, and experience.

Video by Tray Biddle, Video & Media Specialist at Brasco ///