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Branding has two facets – how you verbally communicate brand in written word and how you visually express it. It all starts with a core message. Through the branding process we develop this messaging language, that you will use in communicating with customers. This core messaging serves as a base.

The intention behind core messaging is to help establish a consistent, unique and competitive brand positioning. The strategy behind it is important in helping your consumer understand who you are and why they should care. With that in mind, it is easy to see why core messaging is mainstay of branding.

Components of Core Messaging:

  • Identify & creatively describe your UVP
  • Outline the benefits of your company and service or product
  • Create a short identifying statement
  • Identify pain points & goals
  • Solidify a consistent competitive message

At Brasco /// we will help you develop a focused core message the accurately represents your brand. Our goal is to help you position your business competitively while conveying a clear message in a powerful way. Our team at Brasco /// can help you with your core messaging. If you have questions about our core message strategy be sure to contact us.

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