Key Takeaways for Creating Positive Interactions With Your Customers

Positive Customer Interaction

Positive Customer Interactions

Positive Customer Interaction






What do you do after a customer completes a purchase, or orders a service from your company? How about where they sign up for a newsletter or a recurring subscription?


It can be generally stated that a good marketer would tell you to take some sort of action. Be it an email, phone call, survey, thank you note, etc. The actions are directly dependent on the users’ action, and their position in the buyers’ journey.


However, any action you implement can have both positive and negative impact. How do you avoid the negative? By truly understanding the customers wants and needs, and knowing where they in the buying cycle.


Positive Examples of Customer Interactions


  1. The Thank You Experiment – Fellow marketer, Jeff Slater, shares with us, just how important it can be to say thank you. While feedback and upselling have a purpose and a place. However, sometimes the right action, is just simply saying thanks.
  2. Make a connection – Social Media Guru, Gary Vaynerchuk, goes into detail about how important it is to build a relationship with every customer. Taking each customer seriously, and helping each one in whatever way possible is both authentic and heartfelt.
  3. Loyalty Programs – Scott Galloway, goes into detail about the do’s and don’ts for loyalty programs. When brands take advantage of loyalty programs by providing customers with satisfying experiences, they can learn more about their customers.


Each interaction you make with your customer needs to be carefully thought out. You do not want to make an interaction with a customer that they will not find valuable. If it is not valuable, it is ineffective. For example, you do not want to send a promotion code for an item to a customer who just purchased that item. Nor do you want to call a customer for a review on your customer service before asking them if they are pleased with their purchase.  Why? Because it’s not relevant or relatable to their buyer’s journey.


Knowing when to act, and what that action should be, may take time and patience to understand. However, great customer service and appreciation are some of the most important marketing strategies out there. Providing thoughtfulness and intent will always have a positive impact on your brand, and will help create happy, advocating customers.