Let Professional Photography Help Improve Your Brand’s Image


First impressions are everything, right?


A lot of people can agree with this statement, especially those in the marketing and branding field.


Many of our clients at Brasco /// understand this too, but then ask “what is the best way to continue improving my brand’s image?”


Our answer: good, professional photography.



When creating a brand, many professionals overlook professional photography to focus on particular colors, fonts or logos.  Though all of these aspects of a brand hold high importance, professional photography should never be ignored—it is key in determining how well your brand will be perceived.


Taking time to think about how you come across to your customers or audience, regardless of what product or service you sell, will increase the value your brand communicates.  Don’t be afraid to show that you’ve done your homework by using professional photography to better convey the brand’s services available and qualities.  It will pay off in the end.


Essentially, professional photography gives you a leg-up from other competitors.  While making your brand more unique through bold and authentic imagery, it better captures the distinct message of your brand.  Smart companies do not rely simply on stock images (although these are useful), but instead find the perfect professional photographer to capture their brand and tell the visual story of their company.



What can you do to help the photographer present your brand in the best light?


Let them really get to know the company (or brand)—its mission, its values, and its people.  Doing so will allow these elements to really shine through in the completed work, giving clients a better sense and understanding of what the brand offers.


Take a look at some of the statistics we found from behind the lense…

● Articles with relevant images average 94% more total views than articles without images.

● A press release with photos gets nearly 15% more online views than a text-only press release.

● 60% of consumers who use online search say they prefer to contact a business whose listing includes an image.

● Nearly 70% of e-commerce shoppers say the product image is very important when making their purchase decision.




Images should be embraced as brand art, and should become staples in any marketing portfolio–or brand.

Take the first step and tell your story: hire a professional photography (like our Raleigh professional photography!) to capture your brand best.



Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have, we are always here to help.