Be Patient, Proactive, and Prepared during COVID-19


The world is constantly changing. We see it every day in our world of marketing and advertising with changing “Marcom” technologies and tactics. Today we are seeing a fast-moving change that is affecting each of our individual worlds. This change is uncomfortable, but we are all adjusting, learning and adapting. At Brasco /// we acknowledge the seriousness of the present-day situation and understand the precautionary countermeasures that organizations are taking in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Like you, we are being patient and proactive as we prepare for these changes:


Be Patient ///


As the Persian saying goes, “this too shall pass”. Showing patience (vs panic) is not only smart, it is prudent. This is not only the case in our personal lives, but also with our organizations. There is another popular business adage that says “When times are good you SHOULD market your organization. When times are bad you MUST market your organization.” Studies show and smart leaders understand how this mindset has helped many see continued growth through all of the ups and downs in our history.


Be Proactive ///


We want you to know that our team is being proactive and working hard to help you properly communicate with your audience during this time. It’s important to think about how (if at all) your communications, web, and digital strategy may need to adjust during this time. Marketers are thinking creatively and seeing a big opportunity to be proactive, especially in building out their digital strategy. For example, with more people working/staying home over the next couple of weeks, this could represent a new challenge for your digital marketing. Also, some organizations have been looking at innovative ways to evolve and move more of their business online.


Be Prepared ///


Over the next couple of weeks our team is practicing our own form of vigilance to stay healthy. The official term of 2020 is “Social Distancing” and we’re doing our part to “flatten out the curve” (another term competing for the 2020 award). Therefore, we’ve implemented our company work-from-home / flex policy effective last week. Last Fall 2019 our team got plenty of good practice with this policy as we worked remote during the renovation of our office, so we’re prepared! If you have any in-person meetings scheduled with our team over the next couple of weeks we will reach out to discuss options to adjust those as needed to utilize video and/or phone conference capabilities.

As we all adjust to what we believe will be a short term change, we should all remember: Be smart to be healthy, follow CDC guidelines, and we will ride out this storm together!


Be Authentic,


Brasco ///