Linwood Johnson

Director of Accounting

Linwood Johnson is Director of Accounting at Brasco ///. He has been with the agency since 2016 beginning as a business tax consultant and is now leading all financial management, accounting, and HR operations. In his role he works closely with leadership team on business finances, budgets, payroll, and maintaining accounting records. He has over 25 years experience in accounting and financial consulting.

Fun Fact: Linwood has lived in Raleigh for many years, but has a special place in his heart for Carolina Beach. His family has a place at the beach and he enjoys spending time there with his feet in the sand. Don’t we all want to be like Woody!

Life as a Creative: Reaching Your Potential

Brasco /// March 29, 2019 by

AIGA Raleigh brought the second annual conference, Thrive, to the Triangle March 15th. This year it was at The Fruit, a creative space in a historic warehouse in Durham. The conference consisted of six inspirational talks throughout the first day, with many local vendors to support, and interactive workshops throughout the second day.   All […]

High Five Conference 2019: Brasconian Takeaways

Brasco /// March 18, 2019 by

The 2019 High Five Conference, held on March 4-5 in Downtown Raleigh, was a massive success and an inspirational couple of days for many. Filled with awesome speakers, workshops, and breakout sessions, High Five Conference attendees were buzzing with ideas and excitement for the topics discussed. Brasco /// was a High Five Conference sponsor as […]