Amber Luis

Partner Development Coordinator

Amber is the Partner Development Coordinator at Brasco ///. Amber is a team-oriented and dedicated individual with a passion for building relationships and driving results. She is a young professional that has a diverse background in digital marketing, graphic design, and sales. Amber began her career as a digital marketing intern for a publishing company, Guideposts. In recent years, Amber moved to Raleigh and began working at a filtration company, where she developed her skills in sales and administration.
Amber’s previous experience is with an enterprise networking company, Juniper Networks. Starting off as a sales representative, Amber learned her passion for building long-term relationships with prospects and enterprise marketing. She joined Juniper Networks’ field marketing team as a field marketing specialist and supported the enterprise sales team-related events and marketing efforts for the East of America.
In Amber’s free time, she enjoys teaching! She teaches acrylic art classes at Cheers N Paint art studio in Cary, NC, and teaches color guard at Campbell University.