Brian Batchelor

Marketing & Creative Execution

Brian Batchelor leads all creative and digital media production at Brasco///. He is responsible for creative planning, direction, development, and execution of the client brand strategy and vision.  He also develops and oversees execution of online marketing initiatives, such as digital strategy, SEO, paid search advertising, and other specialty digital campaigns.

Experience & Diversity:  Brian has over 18 years of business marketing experience through graphic design, web development, and search engine optimization. Brian launched his career as a graphic designer and web developer providing marketing and design services for groups such as the City of Raleigh, York Simpson Underwood, World of Beer Festival, and Band Together. During that time, early in his career, he was fascinated with and started focusing on the key principals of online marketing and SEO.  He has since expanded his capabilities to leading a fully integrated digital marketing and brand approach for clients.  He has grown his capabilities in to motion design, video and online marketing campaign development for companies, large and small.

Real fact:  Brian is the current and 5 time NHL 94 undisputed champion and welcomes any and all challengers.

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