Katelyn Watkins

Jr. Graphic Designer

Katelyn Watkins is our newest edition, joining the team at Brasco /// as our Jr. Graphic Designer. A recent graduate of the College of Design at NC State, Katelyn is passionate about all things design/creativity. She desires to leverage her passion and skillset to create stunning work that is life-giving, impactful, engaging, serves its purpose, and tells peoples’ stories well. Some of her favorite design-areas include typography, branding, publication, user-interfaces, photographic pieces, illustration, animation, and really anything that involves storytelling. Her design process almost always begins by-hand, in her sketchbook, partnered with a Pinterest mood-board.
Experience & Diversity: Some of Katelyn’s all-time favorite projects include: Designed, branded, & photographed the Drive-Thru Playbook for Chick-fil-A, created a music-based iPad Data Visualization application for SAS, Social Innovation Design & Photographic Documentation of ancient Greek ruins on the island of Kefalonia for the Greek Ephorate of Cultural Preservation, animated & narrated an award winning video for an application called COVID-Stay with Innovative Emergency Management during the Global COVID Hackathon, partook in the design of an MLK Virtual Reality exhibit for the National Civil Rights Museum.
Real Facts: Katelyn is passionate about photography and recently had work featured on @AccidentallyWesAnderson. She now considers herself specialized in wedding planning during a pandemic (she gets married to her fiancĂ©, Andry, November 2020). She has lived for a few months at a time in both India & Greece and loves meeting people from all over the world, adores spending time outside with her friends/family, enjoys watching unique films, is super involved in her church community at the Summit Church, and dreams of someday writing & watercolor-illustrating children’s’ books.