Katelyn Watkins

Graphic Designer

Katelyn Watkins is one of our graphic designers. A recent graduate of the College of Design at NC State, Katelyn is passionate about all things design/creativity. She desires to leverage her passion and skillset to create stunning work that is life-giving, impactful, engaging, serves its purpose, and tells peoples’ stories well. Some of her favorite design areas include typography, branding, publication, user interfaces, photographic pieces, illustration, animation, and really anything that involves storytelling. Her design process almost always begins by hand, in her sketchbook, partnered with a Pinterest mood-board.
Experience & Diversity: Some of Katelyn’s all-time favorite projects include: Designed, branded, & photographed the Drive-Thru Playbook for Chick-fil-A, created a music-based iPad Data Visualization application for SAS, Social Innovation Design & Photographic Documentation of ancient Greek ruins on the island of Kefalonia for the Greek Ephorate of Cultural Preservation, animated & narrated an award winning video for an application called COVID-Stay with Innovative Emergency Management during the Global COVID Hackathon, partook in the design of an MLK Virtual Reality exhibit for the National Civil Rights Museum.
Real Facts: Katelyn is passionate about photography and recently had work featured on @AccidentallyWesAnderson. She now considers herself specialized in wedding planning during a pandemic (she gets married to her fiancĂ©, Andry, November 2020). She has lived for a few months at a time in both India & Greece and loves meeting people from all over the world, adores spending time outside with her friends/family, enjoys watching unique films, is super involved in her church community at the Summit Church, and dreams of someday writing & watercolor-illustrating children’s’ books.