Olivia Fairchild

Account Operations Manager

Olivia Fairchild is an account operations manager at Brasco ///. She joined the agency and moved to the Raleigh – Durham area from Washington DC. While in DC, she previously worked in corporate and strategic communications, leading marketing communications and consulting for a government client. She helped to lead overall communications efforts, supporting content creation, website development, video, and podcast producing, and overall digital content communications for over two years. Olivia has led multiple content and web marketing campaigns for the agency, with a focus on streamlining workflows and helping to deliver quality work. As an account manager, she guides client communications, project management and serves in a multi-faceted capacity in delivering client campaigns.

Real fact: Olivia and her husband recently moved to the Triangle area. They are enjoying exploring the area, finding new restaurants, and learning more about how to get around and what to do. Of course the “what to do” is somewhat limited during COVID-19, but they are getting creative in exploring the area and meeting new people.