3rd Annual NC Datapalooza Competition Celebrates Winning Firm

Brasco /// offers Branding & Strategy Workshop to Grand Prize Winner: Open511

Raleigh, N.C., September 23, 2015

On September 21, 2015 NC Datapalooza, an open data startup competition created to catalyze positive community and economic impact, held its third annual finale at the Red Hat Annex in downtown Raleigh. The finale event, which celebrated the culmination of the 90-day open data competition, featured remarks from keynote speaker Lee Congdon, Chief Information Officer at Red Hat. Other speakers included Rob Burns, CEO of Predictify.me and Nicole Raimundo, CIO for the Town of Cary. The competition’s three finalists pitched their solutions with a requirement to use open data and for the purpose of improving economic development, health and public safety in the Triangle.

The three teams –Points of Note, Bernie Sez and Open 511 delivered their solutions before a panel of judges. Open 511 was selected as the winner to receive the grand prize of $5,000, a 3-month membership to HQ Raleigh, passes to the upcoming NC RIoT hackathon, and a branding strategy workshop with Brasco ///. The workshop will offer the Open 511 team a complete branding assessment and go-to market strategy review to develop a comprehensive brand strategy with summary recommendations. Brasco /// was also a partner sponsor and served on the organizing committee for the event.

At the finale event, NC Datapalooza and open data advocates shared their vision for how the open data movement will continue to be leveraged, investigated, and created through their competitions. A wide array of opportunities exists for creating positive and sustainable change in the Triangle and throughout North Carolina’s municipalities. Attendees heard how NC Datapalooza is gaining deeper insight and further understand the needs of the public. NC Datapalooza also has a vision for continuing to equip open data leaders and innovation efforts by providing a platform for individuals to shape and share solutions that can make a difference in the Triangle and across North Carolina.



As Lee Congdon Red Hat CIO stated, “Various technologies will continue to change the face of various institutions like the Library. For instance, the Library is still offering up books for sharing information while the Library transforms into a community gathering space. The space may offer up an education support role to communities and open source technologies to help reach individuals, support groups and further educate our communities in new ways.”

Quote from Brent Anthony, NC Datapalooza co-organizer and Brasco Director of Client Engagement, “When looking at our municipalities needs, the open data movement allows citizens to take disparate systems and processes and formulate new solutions and business opportunities. The solutions may vary from creating more unified standards for a division’s permit process to an appealing way to visualize a community health need.”


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About: NC Datapalooza is an open-data startup competition created in the Triangle to catalyze positive community and economic impact. The annual competition draws together local creators, designers, and developers to build teams to leverage open data strategies to create innovative and sustainable means of improving the local community and economy.