Assembling Your Superhero Marketing Team

It’s no secret: Super Heros are popular. Everyone loves watching the action-packed thrillers of good vs evil. The Avengers and their movies also lend themselves to inspiration: everyone wants to be like these superheros; everyone wants their company to be like these superheros. But what about your marketing team? The Avengers can offer plenty of advice to assist you in creating your ideal marketing team–they know it doesn’t take an army to get the job done fully; sometimes it only takes a select, powerful few, especially to market a company. So here are four different ways to apply the skills, strengths and strategies to create the best marketing team, and of course, diminish evil.


Different Talents for Different Jobs

Marketing a company requires strategists, designers, developers and SEO gurus who know how to navigate the web. One person cannot do everything. Captain America can’t pick up Thor’s hammer or use Tony Stark’s tech. The same idea applies to your marketing team: no two people are the same, and no two people will have the same skill sets. Recognize your team members’ individual strengths and how they work together as a whole–that’s how you win the day. When these powers come together, your team will be able to overcome any marketing challenge being thrown at them.


Utilize Everyone’s Tools

For your team, you will need to provide them with the tools they need to complete their jobs. Thor has his hammer, Tony Stark has technology, and Hawkeye has his bow.  Each tool enables its respective superheroes to accomplish necessary tasks. For some, that is a full Adobe Creative Suite. For others, it’s a nice camera and lens to complete the photoshoot. Unfortunately some tools have costs, but understand it’s not the tool that completes the job, it’s the hero wielding the tool using it to its fullest capabilities.


Working as Team

Now that you’ve got your team members and their tools of the trade, you now need to move forward to complete your marketing services. With different people designated to different tasks (which take different amounts of time), it is important to communicate well to make sure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same end goal. The Avenger’s have it easy: their goal is to trump evil forces. The marketing world isn’t always as straightforward. It is your job, like Nick Fury, to pull the team together, designate jobs, and then proceed together. You will have team members, like Iron Man, who can look at a problem and find a solution immediately, but you will also have team members who have the strength to handle a mighty, longer workload like Thor. Once you understand how each member of your team works, and where their strengths are, you will be better able to fit them together as a functioning team–and ultimately you will be able to deliver a complete, super service.

However, we understand that finding a superhero marketing team is not something simple; it requires work, time, and energy–some resources you sometimes don’t have enough of. While we don’t have a “bat signal” you can use to contact us when you need help marketing, we do have a phone!  Make Brasco your superhero team–Avengers assemble!