A Brand Refresh In Motion

Every brand must evolve to stay aligned with their mission and audience.  That’s also the case for agencies like us who guide clients through their rebrand. As we’ve been helping our client’s brands communicate their mission, we decided to take a step back and re-evaluate our own. This Fall we are rolling out our own brand refresh. Our mission is simple: Create with purpose.

Earlier this year Brasco /// began our own brand discovery exercise, gathering survey feedback and asking questions to help us clarify our brand strategy. We always say “brand, plan, and then execute”, so we’re in the execution phase now of our Brasco /// brand refresh. You will begin to see us slowly releasing some of our new brand elements with a full release later this Fall that includes a new Brasco /// story campaign, website, and other creative digital components.

You can follow our progress on our social channels and we’re excited to bring you along with us on the journey!