Brasco Design + Marketing Assists Kimball & Company with New Website & Online Strategy

Marketing Agency Assists Commercial Real Estate and Restaurant Business Brokerage Firm with New Website & Online Strategy.

Brian Batchelor, creative director and partner for Brasco Design + Marketing, has announced that the firm has partnered with Kimball & Company to launch a new website and online strategy to serve as a portal for commercial real estate and restaurant brokerage in the region. Development of the new website included the creation of unique easy management of property and business listings for purchase. In addition, the website enables customers to search sortable listings for browsing by categories. Brasco also provided online strategy services to help Kimball better align their goals for the organization and improve customer engagement.

Kimball & Company provides commercial real estate sales, leasing and investment in the Triangle. Since 1991, the organization has specialized in restaurant related business brokerage and commercial real estate.

“We’ve enjoyed working with Jack Kimball and his team, they are extremely knowledgeable in this space.” said Batchelor. “The group’s new website provides updated functionality and an improved way for customers to view listings and learn about restaurant business brokerage.”