Brasco Design + Marketing Partners with Stroud Pence to create Redesigned Website

Brian Batchelor, creative director and partner at Brasco Design + Marketing , has announced that the firm has partnered with Stroud Pence, a structural engineering services firm whose clients include architects and building owners in higher education, government, commercial and other markets to create a redesigned website for the company. For the revamp, Brasco highlighted more of the Stroud engineer experts, showcased their unique building projects and provided platforms for company leaders to inform their customers on engineering news. The newly created website serves as a portal for Stroud Pence to connect online with architects, developers, construction companies and business owners as well as re-define the brand of the company. In addition to web design, Brasco designed a new print brochure for Stroud’s presentations and an online Flashbrochure for website visitors.

“When we realized it was time for us to examine our brand and online presence, we sought Brasco for assistance, and we are grateful for the contributions the company’s experts have provided,” said Dave Mykins, president of Stroud Pence. “We are looking forward to continuing to consult with them for our online marketing needs.”

“Collaborating with the team at Stroud Pence on these projects was exciting,” said Batchelor. “We are eager to continue our partnership together and see their brand grow.”