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Autism Society of North Carolina

The Autism Society of North Carolina (ASNC) is improving the lives of individuals with autism and their families. With a goal of educating and reaching a statewide audience, the non-profit was looking to partner with an agency of record to help evolve its brand, build a new interactive website and reach a wide audience through an integrated advertising and marketing campaign.  The Brasco /// team has immersed itself in the organization’s mission and is working on creative ways to reach a diverse audience.

Autism Society of North Carolina
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There are many data points and research that we wanted to share with our audience. Brasco /// is guiding ASNC through an evolution of their brand with a new web presence, digital marketing campaign and brand outreach work. We are working to develop creative content and continually seeking out ways to make information easy to find, digest and act upon.

The Goal

The conversation around autism as a condition and how it affects families has remained a relatively quiet subject over the years. We wanted to find ways to shake that up by tying real life stories of families and individuals dealing with autism, the challenges they face and how they are overcoming those obstacles.

What Did We Do?

We began with a deep dive of the existing brand, to understand current messaging and how the conversation around autism is currently being facilitated. Instead of going through a re-brand, we decided together that the best path would be to begin evolving the existing brand through the work of a new website and improved online marketing campaign. Brasco /// developed core messaging, site architecture, website design and development, and onsite SEO. Once the website and new online presence went live, we developed a marketing strategy and are now executing on phase II of the marketing strategy to reach communities with core services and support.


In working with the ASNC leadership team, we are following a marketing strategy that Brasco /// has helped develop. This marketing plan outlines goals, strategies, budgets, and metrics, among other items. We have organized metrics to ensure each strategy we employ is being measured for ROI. For the website, we have set up nearly 30 visitor conversion goals and are tracking even more performance metrics within analytics. To date, the website has seen an increase in traffic reaching 20+%, time on site increase of 200%, and key page visits have increased from an average of 1.2 to 4.6 in just the first 3 months.  Other marketing campaign metrics have been customized and are being monitored and reported monthly.


Conversion Tracking

Unique visitor conversion goals are set.


Increased Time On Site

People are staying on site longer and digesting information.


Deploying 12 New Marketing Strategies

Integrated tactics to include digital advertising and traditional media