Brasco Sponsors SMPS and Attends Event on Staying Relevant and Inspired in the Workplace

Brasco /// is a proud sponsor of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) in the Triangle area. SMPS helps members position their firms successfully in the A/E/C industry by providing professional development, leadership opportunities, and marketing resources. 

This week, SMPS held their monthly event and focused on staying relevant and inspired in the workplace— a great topic to kick off the beginning of 2022!

January brings a new energy each calendar year. People are more dedicated to setting goals, analyzing processes, and prioritizing a work-life balance, all while asking the question, “Is this what I’m meant to do?” With this excitement to hyper-focus to reassess career and job roles, we have three main takeaways to make this year the best year yet of relevant work goals and never ending workplace inspiration.


3 Main Takeaways


  • It’s okay to reinvent yourself
  • Create actionable goals
  • Take care of yourself


Reinvent Yourself

Each year will look the same if you’re not willing to take the risk to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Take a new online course, network with a new group of professionals, pick up a new hobby to dive into this year. 

This also applies to reinventing your work. Our team of Brasconians are always searching for fresh, creative ideas and putting new processes in place. Some of our best work comes out of brainstorming sessions because we allow ourselves the space to think outside the box.



Everyone likes to start the new year with some fresh resolutions and areas to focus more on. With that, it’s important to create goals with an action plan. So many people get discouraged a few months (or weeks) into the new year because they haven’t made any progress on their goals thus far. Well, the best way to hit those goals is to put a little effort in each day. 

One of the points SMPS noted was the 30/30/30 superset. This entails 30 minutes of bettering yourself, 3 times a day. Set this time aside each day and try to dedicate it towards moving your goal forward. It won’t always look like actively working on your goal, sometimes it might mean going to bed 30 minutes earlier to make sure you’re better rested in order to have more energy the next day to focus on your goal. The 30/30/30 superset is about being intentional with your time to better obtain your goals. You may even notice you’ll complete your goals faster with this method!



Society has put much focus on self-care and mental health over the past couple years. Even within Brasco, we’ve focused on “Balance” as our word of the year for 2021 to have work life and personal life coincide better. Self-care can look different to everyone, but a few ways SMPS recommends are: 

  • Remember why you’re working—this could be to take care of your family, you’re passionate about your work, or you’re trying to do your part in society. Each reason is valuable!
  • Leave room for creativity—this will allow you to relax and come up with new ideas when you’re not stressing under a deadline. 


Special thanks to the SMPS Triangle chapter for hosting this event and providing actionable steps to work towards a more relevant and inspiring workday!