Brasco /// Welcomes Artist Julianne Gonski for Olympic First Friday

And we’re Back!

We at Brasco /// a creative branding and digital marketing agency in downtown Raleigh, are excited to host Julianne Gonski for our First Friday event on August 5th. Julianne will be exhibiting her portraits in our office while we stream the Opening Ceremonies and serve Olympic themed refreshments.


Julianne Gonski First Friday
KJ Color 1 by Julianne Gonski

About Julianne

After graduating from NC State University, with a Bachelors Degree in Art and Design, Julianne travelled through Europe for a year.  While she was there she taught English in Spain, before returning to North Carolina.  Back stateside, she gained experience in customer service with several local arts organizations including the North Carolina Symphony and the North Carolina Museum of Art.  Julianne began pursuing her passion for art full-time in 2014.


Julianne Gonski First Friday
Proud by Julianne Gonski

Her Work

Primarily a creator of acrylic paintings and charcoal sketches, Julianne’s work has been featured at several Raleigh art galleries, including the Morning Times Gallery, the Visual Art Exchange, and the Roundabout Art Collective.


“I am proud to count myself an artist as a product and a cause of my culture.  My interests and passions are varied and widespread, and art is the umbrella under which I can encompass them all,” Julianne says about herself on her blog Tangentially.


Julianne Gonski First Friday
KJ Color 2 by Julianne Gonski


Stop by Our Place

Come see Julianne’s work in person while watching the Opening Ceremonies with Brasco /// between 6pm – 9pm. We could not be more excited to host this event!  To learn more about Julianne Gonski, check out her website here.


See you then!