Brasco /// Women’s 3 Key Takeaways from the 2018 Women in Tech Summit

Brasco /// was a sponsor for this year’s Southeast Women in Tech Summit on Saturday, November 17th. The women of Brasco /// attended the event, introduced a speaker, and represented the company at a sponsor table for the day.

Here are our 3 main takeaways.





Something many of us forget to spend time working on is knowing our worth in the workplace. This event was led by inspiring and successful women whose secrets to success all stem from knowing what they are worth. Many of us suffer from “imposter syndrome”–basically feeling like an imposter in the workplace who is pretending to be worthy of the job they’re being paid to perform but don’t feel that they actually are. This conference reminded all the women in the room that they are fully competent and why they should wholeheartedly believe in themselves.





A hugely important and tangible skill learned at the Women in Tech Summit was the importance of negotiation and how to do so. Women are statistically less likely to fight for the pay and treatment they deserve because they are not as comfortable or confident in knowing what they are worth (oh hey, that sounds familiar). A key theme of this year’s conference was educating yourself on what you deserve and going into negotiations with solid facts and data. So many women are underpaid but are afraid to ask for more, but the WITS taught the women in the room to dig deep and arm themselves with data to learn their worth. This is one of the most important but underutilized skills a woman can leverage for herself in the workplace and something that was so impactful for the women at this year’s summit to learn about.





Lastly, when collecting feedback from each of the Brasco /// women, there was a common theme in our main takeaways: the empowerment felt by being in a room full of women from a variety of industries who wanted to lift each other up. Events like this one remind women that they are strongest when supporting each other.


“My biggest takeaway from WITS was the overall feeling of empowerment and determination radiating from a group of professional women from industries across the board. Women need to support other women to keep making progress in the business world. As a young professional, I’m excited that WITS exists and I hope more organizations promote conferences for women in business.” -Addison, Marketing Account Manager ///


“It was exciting to be a part of an event focusing on women empowerment and leadership within all industries. It’s important to motivate, inspire and work together as women to reach more senior level roles and to be a leader within each industry. It made me appreciate being in a space filled women and I’m excited about what our future will hold and how we will impact the workplace.” -Devan, Designer ///


“Wow, honestly what everyone said. It was an uplifting experience to be a part of the WITS. Just to see women supporting other women, and expressing their passion about what they do. Also seeing women work to pass down their knowledge to younger generations with the hopes to instill confidence in them that they can pursue their dreams too, like what TechGirlz is doing for example.” -Cady, Marketing Account Manager ///


“We need to have more women-centered events and conferences that help with lifting up women across all socioeconomic classes. The Triangle is a great environment to cultivate that!” -Ruka, Content Marketing Strategist ///


“I felt like I was on Cloud 9 after the conference just from the overall vibe in the room and the excited buzz coming from everyone as we discussed ideas and were inspired by each other. The speakers were wonderful and taught me so much as well. I’m looking forward to going to more events like this in the future!” -Alyssa, Social Media and Accounts Coordinator ///