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The Client

LeChase Construction ranks among the top 100 construction companies in the country for their work in general construction and construction management services for a wide range of industries. Our partnership with LeChase Construction has spanned over five years, working on projects focused heavily on creating videos together.

The Goals

The “Built & Backed By” video was one of the main elements of our marketing strategy we completed with LeChase. In the strategy, we came up with a “big idea” that encompasses the company’s brand and is representative of everything they do. The goal of the video was to increase brand awareness, gain regional PR traction, and increase the social presence of LeChase with consistent messaging.

Built & Backed By gives us an opportunity to tell the LeChase SE story in a very purposeful way focusing on the theme of how LeChase is Built and Backed by Purpose, People, and Partners, thus creating deeper meaning for Projects that are Built & Backed by LeChase. These four pillars (Purpose, People, Partners, and Projects) will be the drivers of how we communicate what LeChase SE is “Built & Backed By” and what it means to be “Built & Backed by LeChase.”

By creating a tone of voice that is simple, direct, and honest and keeping in mind the important characteristics that LeChase embodies: dependable and people-oriented, we were able to keep these pillars in mind for our pre-production, production and postproduction of their video campaign.

We received a Viddy Gold Award (2022) for the Built & Backed By Video.


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