Brasconians Reveal Their Favorite Super Bowl LVII Commercials

Brought together for a love of football, or united by a love of memorable advertisements? Luckily, the Super Bowl gives us both. 

Marketers wait with anticipation to see what brands create for their audience each year—and find out who is dropping a pretty penny to do so, as this year’s ads had a price tag of $7 million for a 30-second time slot. 

At Brasco, we enjoyed recapping our favorite commercials. We noted which ones resonated with us due to humor, relatability, or even the ones that pushed the bounds of creativity. 


Without further ado, here are our favorite commercials of Super Bowl LVII


Farmer’s Dog

A crowd favorite, mentioned several times in the office, was the Farmer’s Dog ad. The emotions drawing you in, the relatability, and the storytelling finesse… *chef’s kiss* Grab the tissues, grab your pup. 

“This REALLY tugged at my heartstrings, especially having an older dog. Love this commercial and may have even shed a tear.” — Ryan


Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy 

The simplicity of finding joy in everyday moments was perfected in the Bud Light commercial. How easy it is to develop an attitude of indignation at the thought of waiting, yet Bud Light rewrote the playbook to positivity instead. How refreshing.

“It found an honest, underrepresented moment (phone queues, goofing off with your significant other) and celebrated the notion of one beer instead of back-to-back drinking.” — Melainey


”Somewhere, Anywhere”

Melissa McCarthy is relatable, especially to those of us who are parents. The thought of traveling to far-off and lush places with kids can seem daunting, but having a travel company recognize and empathize with this increases the trustworthiness of  

“That line [“as long as they have childcare”] made this commercial that much more relatable to parents that would like to travel, but need extra support or help with kids.” — Olivia


Miller Lite, Coors Light & Blue Moon Big Commercial

The battling of two beers, only to have a third come in and steal the show? Shocking, memorable, and funny. Hats off to the creative teams for going out on a limb to wow the audience. 

“The commercial itself was kind of funny and I was a little surprised they had two brands visible, but then for Blue Moon to come in out of the blue (ha) was very unexpected! I liked it.” — Madison


Tubi Interface Interruption

Did you find yourself searching for your remote? We sure did. Nothing will get your blood pumping like thinking you’ve switched the channel during an important game. What a completely unexpected way to captivate viewers.

“I panicked. I really thought I bumped the remote, but it was right in front of me. Well done!” — Anna


Honorable Mentions

  • Jack’s New Angle: “Unique approach, funny how far they took the idea.” — Devan 
  • Backstage with Adam Driver: “I think Adam Driver is hilarious, and I loved the line ‘a website that makes websites’ I thought that was really clever & memorable messaging.” — Katelyn


Did you have any favorites that weren’t mentioned above? Tell us about it on LinkedIn!