Seasonal Brews: Client Feature

Summer is finally here, and the final seasonal beer of Sweeten Creek Brewing has been released!

In 2018, Brasco /// had the privilege of working with Sweeten Creek to create their 4 seasonal beers. Now that they’ve all been released, we decided to check in to see how they’re doing. Read about the project and results below! 

Sweeten Creek Brewing is an Asheville, NC based group of creative and talented makers looking to direct their passion for craft beer, food and community, and a thriving destination brewery. 

Brasco /// helped the brewery owners expand on the branding, design a series of seasonal labels, and a new website and content. 

How have people been enjoying the seasonal beers?

The reviews of our seasonal beers have been very good, and as more people hear about them, the excitement of the releases has grown with each launch.  Our most recent seasonal, The Honey Bear has been a hit as an easy drinking spring beer that appeals to the outdoor activity crowd who need a refreshing beer after their given activity or sport.


Which one is the most popular? 

Our Fall Season, Happy Camper seems to be the most popular.  Many fall seasonal beers are branded as an Octoberfest and rabbit-holes the style, while our Happy Camper is branded as an American Maerzen, which creates some separation from the competition and helps it keep its own identity in the market.


Have you gotten any feedback on the can designs?
We are consistently hearing reviews that the seasonal cans not only look great, but they stand out on a shelf. The vibrant colors along with the nature scene create an eye-catching can with an enjoyable aesthetic. The people of WNC certainly can relate to the changing seasons shown on each can.