Simplifeye & Brasco /// Announce Strategic Partnership

Brasco ///, an award-winning creative, branding, and digital marketing agency, has announced a strategic agency partnership with Simplifeye, a communication software company founded by doctors. Originally designed to streamline scheduling at the point of care, Simplifeye is expanding to assist companies in all industries that are looking for help acquiring more leads on through their website. Simplifeye’s chat feature connects users to a live person who helps schedule appointments, manage live payment solutions, telehealth, and more. Using a live chat reduces response time from businesses to users and streamlines the user’s experience. 


The strategic partnership between Simplifeye and Brasco /// will help improve the website user experience and overall communications for visitors to help them quickly get the information they need. Brasco /// will support Simplifeye clients on a range of needs to improve their brand and digital presence. With the help of Simplifeye, Brasco /// healthcare clients are now able to better communicate with visitors using a suite of website engagement tools. This helps increase efficiency for patient onboarding, allowing practices to see more people. 


Simplifeye was founded by Dr. Ryan Hungate, DDS, MS, who graduated from the orthodontic specialty program at the University of Southern California. Simplifeye is a tech industry leader for medical practice or nonhealthcare point-of-sale businesses looking to streamline online communications with their customers. 


If you’re interested in testing Simplifeye’s capabilities to facilitate better prospecting engagement and lead retention for your business, sign up for a trial today.  

“Brasco works across a range of industries, with one segment of our clientele being healthcare. Partnering with Simplifeye was an easy decision to provide a powerful web tool that helps improve patient communications for our healthcare clients”

-Brandon Ives, CEO at Brasco ///


About Simplifeye

Simplifeye empowers doctors to gain more patient leads by automating the business side of their practice. Based in New York, NY, the company provides software solutions that digitize and improve existing processes that are core to many medical practices.


About Brasco ///

Brasco /// is an award-winning creative branding and web marketing agency with offices based in downtown Raleigh, NC. Brasco /// provides a fully integrated suite of strategic and tactical services to boost its client’s brand, marketing, advertising, and digital presence. Create with purpose at Brasco ///.