Katelyn Nieto

Brand Strategist & Designer

Katelyn Nieto

Katelyn Nieto is a Brand Strategist & Designer at Brasco /// and an alumnus of the NC State College of Design. Merging her life-long practice of creating stories through both visuals and words with her expertise in design, she is passionate about walking with our clients through the full brand process from beginning to end, crafting meaningful and effective approaches.

As someone who is both visionary and detail-oriented, Katelyn loves creating big-picture strategies and then zooming in to see those through in every little detail. Her former experience as a photographer, videographer, and social media manager enables her to create holistic storytelling approaches. Being an avid illustrator since childhood, she loves any opportunity to utilize this craft for visual identities. Her process almost always begins by hand, with copious notes and illustrations in her sketchbook, paired with a Pinterest mood board and a cup of tea.

Katelyn has lived for a few months at a time in both India & Greece and has many friends all over the world. In her free time, she spends most evenings fitting in extra creative endeavors (whether a house project, a poem, or a painting), watching unique films, and cooking good food with her husband. She enjoys painting with watercolor and gauche, finding inspiration in beautiful moments spent outside with friends and family, and dreams of someday writing & illustrating children’s books on the side. She is an involved member of her church community at the Summit Church and has been there since 2010.

Her experience includes: Chick-fil-A, Lenovo, SAS, NC State, the National Civil Rights Museum, UNC Greensboro, the Greek Ephorate of Cultural Preservation, Kane Realty, and the North Carolina Alliance of Public Health Agencies, among others.