Lin Nelson

Associate Director, Partnership Development

Lin Nelson

Lin Nelson leads the outreach efforts at Brasco ///. She combines her marketing expertise and passion for helping others thrive.

Experience & Diversity: For over 20 years, Lin has held marketing and business development positions for various companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500. She has consulted many organizations on brand strategy.

Her career began at Mercedes-Benz USA, where she held several positions in Brand Marketing. Lin went on to join a commercial construction and roofing company, leading their marketing efforts as well as business development. She created a lasting relationship with a well-known theatre organization in NYC which resulted in huge revenue gain for her firm. Most recently, Lin spearheaded the outreach efforts at MindPath growing the outreach team spanning five states and doubling the revenue stream in 1 year. From time to time, Lin has consulted and sat on boards for companies consulting on brand strategy and planning.

She sits on the Executive Committee for Seton Hall’s emerging women’s leadership program. She enjoys supporting sophomore and junior students with career advice, watching them grow and land the job of their dreams.

Her experience includes: Mercedes-Benz USA, MindPath, Lenovo, NC State’s CS4NC, Ozmosi, Mcdonalds, commercial construction and roofing companies, energy, fitness, and healthcare.

Lin has 50 hours right seat in a Piper Cherokee Archer and is an avid traveler. In her free time, she spends her time giving back, entertaining, and mentoring. She enjoys nature and being outdoors. You may find her on a hike, at the beach, or deep-sea fishing, or sailing with her daughters or friends.