The E-Commerce and Social Media Relationship

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Does your social media engagement rate directly affect your consumer purchases?


It depends. 


There are a lot of factors that go into why people make a purchase.  It could be a desperate need and they buy from the first company they see.  They could have an emotional tie and feel like they have to buy from a certain brand.  They could be buying products because their friends swear by them, or because everyone is buying them.


There are millions of reasons why people buy, and sometimes it is hard to measure the exact reasons that influence them.  


Although it is important to realize that Marketing is all about…



 Trial and Error


trial and errorAs you may already know, increasing your engagement rate on social media is not going to be the only thing you need to do in order to bring in more revenue.  Remember, marketing is all about trial and error.  A marketing formula that works for one company is almost never going to be the exact same for another.  It all depends on the business and what they are trying to accomplish.


However, by creating a strong presence online, it will be easier for consumers to remember a brand and stay in touch with them.  With that said…



Robin Williams

Social Media Marketing Matters


As you can expect, one thing social media does is develop word of mouth advertising organically.  It creates a special bond with your current customers and followers.  Especially relevant, is that it does influence purchasing decisions.

Not only that, but social media is heading towards an e-commerce platform.  On Instagram we now start receiving ads for new apps and products.  Pinterest and Facebook can directly link you to the desired website to make an immediate purchase.   SnapChat is implementing ads into their stories, and soon enough, ads will be all over Pokemon Go.

It’s already happening so it’s important that you are prepared for the next step. So go ahead and…

Reach Your Full Potential


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Chelsea Coronin states in her article, The Relationship Between E-Commerce and Social Media, thatyour e-commerce business will not reach it’s full potential if you are not recognizing the impact that social media can have and effectively taking advantage of it.”


Most of all, people buy from people they like.   As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, Online Buying Behaviors: Part 2 by understanding your target market, knowing their triggers, and feeding them with knowledge they desire, you can effectively build an emotional connection.


In turn, building that trust will make the audience feel more comfortable buying from you.


Overall…Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

eggs in a basket


It’s important to keep in mind, we are not suggesting to commit to just one marketing tactic.  Rather, we believe by including social media marketing into your marketing formula and recognizing its potential, it can help impact sales in a positive way.  Most importantly, it is necessary to implement and maintain, if you want to reach your full potential.







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