Brasco /// Reveals “Progress” as Word of the Year for 2022

At Brasco ///, our mission is to create with purpose—to create for our clients to help them achieve their goals, to create for our team a space that is welcoming and rewarding, and to create for the world around us with the hope of leaving it better than we found it. This mission is at the core of who we are as a team, who we continue to strive to be, and something you will see more from us about this year.

As we continue to pursue growth that aligns with our mission, it is important to align our team as well. A practice we have found to be helpful in this, is choosing a “Word of the Year” for the whole team to set their gaze on. This trend is often used for personal practice, but we have found this to be a helpful business and team practice as well. A year-marker of continual formation and alignment around and towards our mission and values.

Last year we focused on “Balance.” Balance between professional and personal lives, as we, along with many others, realized the importance of mental health. Balance between our teams and team members as we expanded with several new Brasconians. Balance in our foundation as we strengthened our internal processes. Ultimately, this focus on Balance helped us facilitate a key component of our mission statement: “to create for our team a space that is welcoming and rewarding.”

Balance set the groundwork for us as we step into 2022. We are aligned, energized, and ready to grow. Which brings us to this year’s mantra –



Progress leads to growth.

Progress leads to innovation.

Progress leads to success.


Progress Leads to Growth

Brasco Co-Founder and CMO, Brian Batchelor, often reminds the team, “progress over perfection”. This isn’t to say we don’t strive for perfection, but rather that we aim to continuously grow towards our goals. We are dedicated to never becoming complacent. This steady growth encourages us to continue honing our skills, strengthening the trust we have with our clients.

For our team, this looks like:

  • Focusing on the details but knowing when to move forward.
  • Building in more space for creativity, innovation, and evaluation.
  • Pursuing continual learning and expertise as the industry evolves.

These practices aren’t new, but the shift in our focus will drive these even further for our team. Even the smallest degree of change can alter our course completely overtime as we resist complacency, evolve our craft, and progress towards growth—ultimately leading us to better serve our team and our clients.


Progress Leads to Innovation

A quick Google search of the word “Innovation” will lead to a variety of accomplishments, such as the light bulb, printing press, telephone, and so forth. It’s no question that these inventions dramatically changed society. But what did it take to get there? What steps and practices were established to reach those revelations? Sometimes, a revelation is landed on through a group of creatives brainstorming together. And sometimes, it’s landed on through a sequence of persistent ideation, gathering insight and research to make each idea better than the last. Whatever it takes to get there is progress, and progress leads to innovation.

For our team, this looks like:

  • Learning of new trends and implementing them.
  • Using the most up-to-date tools as they evolve.
  • Frequent brainstorm sessions between our teams, bringing together different perspectives.
  • Deep dives, research, and extensive questionnaires at the start of projects.
  • Persistent ideation until we land on something great, building client success.

Our team isn’t just here to dream up the ideas. Once a big idea hits, we do what it takes to bring it to life. We think outside the box, carrying the narrative of the brand through everything we create.


Progress Leads to Success

The aftermath of growth and innovation? Success.

One of our values states: “we succeed when our clients succeed.” This couldn’t be truer. Each client success story means a job well done for us.

For our team, this looks like:

  • Supporting our clients from start to finish, from the earliest stages of growth, to innovating new ideas, until we reach success.
  • Maintaining success once it’s achieved, whether that be website updates, or new marketing campaigns launched each year.
  • Keeping up with our clients, bringing new ideas to the table, and cheering them on.

This process involves vulnerability. It involves trial and error sometimes. And it involves entering new markets and connecting with audiences in new ways to achieve business goals. When we take these small actions to pursue new avenues, progress leads to success.


Brandon Ives, Co-Founder and CEO of Brasco, summarized it best with this quote:

“Progress for Brasco /// in 2022 is about making a breakthrough. It’s about breaking through the things that have held us all back over the past couple of years, from working through a global pandemic to changing times in our society. It’s about making progress each day, in each task and each interaction. Progress is about improvement. Progress is about positive change. Progress is success.”


As we journey through this year, we invite you to join us in focusing on progress. Our Brasconians have been collaborating on new projects to take campaigns to the next level—come follow along!