Cree Lighting

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The Client

Cree Lighting has been a leading LED light provider for customers around the world for over three decades. Their products are designed to improve the daily lives of their customers with their industry-leading solutions.

The Goals

Cree Lighting came to us for help on several fronts, including content marketing. We partnered together on multiple advertising sets, infographics, and ebooks. The eBook guide broke down the cost of lighting for retail companies. The goal of the eBook as well as other assets, was to be a resource for decision-makers, breaking down the cost of ownership for lighting and how it impacts a business and its customers.

We worked closely with the Cree team to develop the different types of content for these projects. We combined technical content with industry statistics, product information, and more. Our design team then blended the content with a mix of illustrations, project pictures, and icons to create the final, easily digestible collateral pieces.


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