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The Client

The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency is a self-supporting public agency that provides safe, affordable housing opportunities to enhance the quality of life of North Carolinians. Since its creation by the General Assembly, the Agency has financed more than 298,860 affordable homes and apartments, totaling $29.16 billion.

The Agency provides financing through the sale of tax-exempt bonds and management of federal tax credit programs, the federal HOME Program, the state and national Housing Trust Funds, and other programs. The organization looks to raise awareness brand and market knowledge of mortgage options. The younger audience targeted campaign empowers millennials to think differently about buying a home.

The Goals

Our goal is to help reach and engage a statewide audience for people seeking home ownership and to support North Carolinians find affordable housing assistance. North Carolina Housing Finance Agency has partnered with Brasco for their full-service advertising and digital marketing needs since 2016.

We have implemented new creative campaigns each year of our engagement, raising awareness and increasing social engagement via a multi-faceted media and ad approach through video, web, social, and digital advertising.

2023’s creative campaign for all of our marketing efforts is More Than A Home.  Below you’ll see assets from this year’s campaign as well as the previous year’s campaigns. In the past few years, we have implemented using social shorts to reach a younger audience to help educate ways to make home buying more affordable.

In our partnership with the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, we have created many videos to support the campaigns we’ve created over the years. Below are a few of the videos we’ve created together:

Example Shorts

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The NC Housing Finance Agency has been a special partnership for Brasco ///, in more ways than one. Not only has our client relationship deepened from 5+ years working together, but our campaigns have become more integrative as we strategically find ways to reach North Carolinians with a dream of home ownership. I'm grateful to the Agency for trusting our team with their marketing and for the impactful work they're doing across our state.

Olivia Fairchild, Brasco Account & Operations Manager

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