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The Client

Goshen Medical Center is a group of medical centers providing access to affordable health care for residents of Eastern North Carolina.

The Goals

We partnered with Goshen Medical on a larger marketing strategy that included creating videos to improve awareness and actionable interest in their mobile unit services throughout Stanley County, North Carolina, promote services, and support recruitment. The videos also aimed to boost their brand authority through reputation and trust building.

  • To increase brand awareness and elevate the Goshen Medical brand.
  • To inform employers about the Goshen Medical Mobile Units available for on-site employee care. 
  • To increase patient traffic to Goshen Medical locations.


The Results

Our team takes the time to understand our client’s audiences. For Goshen Medical, we understood the importance of how we reach their B2B audiences (employees) and their B2C audiences (NC residents). When creating a video, our team identifies your brand personality, words, and key phrases we should keep in mind, and the overall tone of voice of the video. These elements set the tone for how the video should be illustrated. From there, we are able to create what should be communicated in your video and what should the visuals include. Our team loves getting to go on-site with our clients to see and film what they do day-to-day and help bring that to life for your greater audience through video and full campaigns. This video, among other campaign assets, was broadcast on television, YouTube, and in streaming ads.

We began this video project with pre-production planning, followed by on-location shooting. Next, we recorded a voiceover to use on the videos and designed a graphic to use at the end of the video. Finally, we edited the video footage, combining it with the voiceover and graphic, into several lengths to broadcast on television, YouTube, and in streaming ads.


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