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The Client

MPI Foam is a local, family-owned business and is one of the leading providers of residential and commercial spray foam insulation services in North Carolina. Many staff members have been with the company since they started 20+ years ago. We have worked with MPI Foam for over 5 years and value our partnership with them.

The Goals

Brasco /// provides search engine optimization support and content creation for MPI’s website. Our SEO support and content creation support our overarching goal of helping MPI Foam continue to grow new leads within their business. We contribute to MPI Foams monthly social content, help provide blog topics and content, and additional advertising. Communicating who MPI Foam is and what their value proposition is in the market is so important in reaching their target audiences.

We are pleased with the increase in the number of sessions, users, and new users on the site by over 50% in each category. Since most traffic is organic, SEO plays a large role in the number of people who reach our site.


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