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The Client

Voyagu is the technology behind Business Class Consolidators (BCC). BCC is rebranding to Travalign with the help of Brasco /// and is an air travel company that stands out in the industry by offering impeccable and personalized travel care with competitive rates for business and first-class international flights. Their rebranding initiative aims to strengthen their brand position and increase market share by targeting a specific audience with their unique value proposition and services.

The Goals

The project goal for Voyagu/Travalign is to redefine and enhance the travel booking experience, offering a premium and elevated service to the target audience. Voyagu/Travalign aims to differentiate itself in the travel industry by providing exceptional customer service, personalized experiences, and igniting passion in travelers.

The problems or opportunities that Voyagu/Travalign faced are related to standing out in a competitive travel market where standard booking experiences often lack passion, care, and personalization. The target audience for Voyagu/Travalign comprises individuals who enjoy the finer things in life and seek an elevated travel experience. Voyagu is the B2B and technology behind the service, while Travalign is the P2P (people to people) facing side.

Brasco /// has worked closely with Voyagu/Travalign over the years, providing initial brand strategy and making updates as needed; strategizing and planning creative campaigns on digital and traditional spaces; and supporting the company through the COVID-19 pandemic and their new initiatives since then.

The market has responded positively to Voyagu’s current branding and marketing efforts, likely due to its focus on personalized service and customer advocacy. Client feedback and insights have indicated a strong appreciation for the high-quality service and support provided by dedicated travel agents.


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