Brasco /// Reveals Word of the Year for 2023

With a new year, comes new energy. We are rising to meet our mission: to create with purpose. 

At Brasco /// we ground our work with purpose, and elevate our work with passion. A passion to create, a passion to produce goal-achieving and award-winning work, and a passion to better ourselves and our teammates as we impact our communities. 

Each year, our team brainstorms a unifying growth goal by choosing a word of the year. In 2022, our word was Progress

Progress means growth. We successfully expanded our leadership team and welcomed several new talented Brasconians to better serve our clients. 

Progress leads to innovation. We refined our processes which allowed us to further our creativity with projects and new marketing strategies for our clients. 

Progress is success. By doubling down on growing effectively and pursuing innovation, we achieved many successes along the way, including awards for our work.  

Last year, our values rang true as we took time to understand perspectives, built meaningful relationships with our new clients and team members, took marketing seriously (but not ourselves), and came through in times of need. We work together because we are better that way. And we are so grateful for our team! 

Now, as we enter 2023, we continue last year’s legacy of Progress and look to further elevate, inspire, and ignite. 

In 2023, we RISE. 

We aim to Rise to the challenge of furthering our clients’ goals to benefit their businesses. 

We seek to Rise to the call to strengthen our own values to better serve our clients and our community.

We desire to Rise to the opportunity of exciting new projects to increase the level of work offered to our clients. 


Brasco is ready to take you to the next level. Let’s Rise Together.

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