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The Client

CaroNova translates to a new vision of health in the Carolinas, and that is exactly what the organization is here to do. Formed as a partnership between North Carolina and South Carolina, specifically among the NC Healthcare Association, SC Hospital Association, and the Duke Endowment, CaroNova exists to do things differently when it comes to health innovation.

The Goals

CaroNova is a change-maker. Our goal was to make sure the brand was reflective of that. We were very intentional with every aspect of the brand. We wanted to speak to the NC & SC partnership, the Creator brand archetype, and make it feel like it’s a new era of health. CaroNova’s solution is to instill a new approach to health innovation in the Carolinas that accelerates new ideas backed by reliable data shared with valuable stakeholders, all focused on creating optimal health equity.

With CaroNova, we were given the opportunity to implement our full brand process from beginning to end. We started with our brand discovery phase, working alongside 50 key stakeholders to gather audience insights that helped inform brand development. Next, we carried our findings into the brand strategy phase, honing in on the problems CaroNova would be addressing, the brand’s purpose, target audience, and personality at large. The brand strategy was then used to determine our direction for the brand messaging and the creation of the visual identity.

Throughout this process, several members of our team collaborated to bring this impactful brand to fruition. At Brasco ///, we believe that when we work together, we are better that way. And our work on the CaroNova brand displays that. Purpose and intentionality were poured into every detail of this brand, from the questions asked, to the words carefully chosen, to the thought behind every curve and line in the logo, to the bold colors selected to magnify the various facets of the impact work to be done.

Once we developed the brand, our goal was to increase brand awareness of CaroNova throughout NC and SC and to amplify CaroNova’s mission to align leaders across the Carolinas in pursuit of a better and more equitable system of care. Over the past 3+ years of our partnership since building out their brand together, we have collaborated on multiple websites and partnered together on all of their marketing assets and collateral to help them communicate their goals and achievements. 

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We wanted to find someone to help us tell our story, help us innovate towards the future of health that we believed was possible for the Carolinas and talking with Brasco and seeing the kind of out the box thinking they’ve done in the past really resonated with our team and felt like a really natural cultural fit to work with them on this project.

Jai Kumar, Executive Director of Innovation, North Carolina Healthcare Association & Foundation; Deputy Director, CaroNova

These are some of the brand elements we created with CaroNova:


Accelerating the Future of Health


To align leaders across the Carolinas in pursuit of a better and more equitable system of care.


All Carolinians have an equal opportunity to lead a healthy life.

With a core message, we want to communicate who you are and what you do, then focus on what sets you apart.

CaroNova is a hub for innovators and investors to cultivate ideas, co-design solutions, and catalyze necessary change. Change that is scalable, sustainable, and long overdue in the Carolinas. Recognizing every community has untapped ideas; we work systemically to understand and identify regional needs. Through rapid cycle learning and local testing, we generate new approaches to reducing disparities and improving overall health. Using evidence to drive payment and policy reforms, we focus on fostering promising results and replicating what works.

Most importantly, we don’t work alone. Acting as a connector of people and ideas across the two states, we engage vested partners, including payors, at the beginning of the process. We involve subject matter experts, local leaders, and members of the community to understand the impact of the decisions we make.

Our goal at CaroNova is to accelerate a new vision of health together. One that redefines systems of care to equitably and sustainably meet the health needs of the Carolinas.

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