Little Doodles Cafe

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The Client

Little Doodles Play Cafe is located in the Triangle region of North Carolina, with locations in Raleigh, Wakefield, and Wendell. It is a place for families to bring their children to come and play, participate in weekly events, or host an event, like a birthday party.

The Goals

Little Doodles Play Cafe came to Brasco /// for help designing and building a new website to replace their current website. The client’s goal for the website is to increase event reservations and build brand awareness.


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  • Website Strategy

We began this project with a strategy and planning session, working with the client to understand what their needs are for the website and what our recommendations were to achieve their goals. This website strategy determined the direction we went with the structure, content, and design of the website.

With the strategy approved, we dove into writing the content for each of the pages on the website. Finally, we worked on the design and development of the website. The visual approach we took with the site is particularly engaging, geared to speak to both parents and their children, using several unique shapes and illustrations.

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