NC Pork Council

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The Client

The NC Pork Council strives to increase education, engagement, and empowerment with North Carolina consumers about safe pork production and consumption.

The Goals

The NC Pork Council had two main goals for Brasco /// to achieve with the website design. The first goal for the website was for it to be approachable and engaging to the “average” North Carolina grocery shopper. The second goal of the website was to educate consumers about the truth of the heavily-regulated pork industry to build a supportive community.


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  • Website Strategy

The Results

In order to achieve NC Pork Council’s stated project goals while appealing to a diverse population of North Carolina farmers, consumers, education systems, and anti-activists, Brasco /// created a modern website that provides education about the agriculture industry through a streamlined user experience, packed with relevant content to optimize organic search engine results page (SERP) ranking.

By showcasing NC Pork Council’s core values and how the product (pork) is beneficial, Brasco /// was able to improve website traffic and visitor behavior. We wanted to simplify the user journey; one of the main actions of this was to create a navigation that was especially user-centric. By looking at their target audience segments, their overall tone of voice approach, and content, we were able to design and build a website with their goals in mind. We leveraged their current brand elements to give the website a modern look and feel to create a memorable experience.

Check out the website here.

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