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The Client

The NC Alliance of Public Health Association (NCAPHA) has partnered with Brasco /// to develop a brand strategy and identities for the following organizations: NC Association of Local Health Directors (NCALHD), the NC Public Health Association (NCPHA), and NCAPHA itself. These organizations partner together to advance the Public Health of North Carolina.

The Goals

The goal in building the overall Collaboration brand and individual visual identities of the organizations, as well as the way this system functions together, is to embody who the organizations are today, who they aspire to be in the future, and in a way that is both recognizable and differentiated in the industry. 

Every business exists to solve a problem. By clarifying the problems the Collaboration is solving, this helped create an understanding and the foundation for the brand strategy. Understanding that organizations have a large target audience, from the public health workforce to elected officials to the community at large, we are able to identify how to speak and resonate with each of these audiences. 


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"Working with the stakeholders of 3 North Carolina public health agencies, it was a welcome challenge to create a Brand System that would unite them all together under a collective organization, while still allowing them individuality."

Katelyn Nieto, Brasco Brand Strategist & Designer

Our Solution

Instilling a collective approach to public health in North Carolina that unites these organizations, communicates a cohesive message, and collectively informs the public while still allowing the organizations to maintain their individuality and respective missions.

The Full Visual System: The Mark

The Shield mark symbolizes each individual organization and its 3 parts coming together to form the whole. 

Humble Heroes joining forces, standing together, representing Advocacy, the Workforce, Education, and so much more. Collaborating to achieve meaningful change. Collectively, forming the Collaboration, Advancing North Carolina Public Health.

In the Collaboration mark, all 3 colors are highlighted to represent the activation of work done together. While the individual marks still clearly connect these organizations to the whole, each one is differentiated with an emphasis on its own shape and color.

The shapes also nod to a curtain being drawn back on a window, as each of these organizations informs their stakeholders, audience, and the general public about their respective aspects of public health.

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