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The Client

SLI Capital is a Raleigh-based Real Estate Firm. Brasco partnered with SLI Capital for brand development to position their new apartment community in a unique and competitive way. SLI Capital needed guidance in creating a new name for their new property. We created and launched a new brand for the property, inclusive of brand strategy, messaging, visual identity, and an overall brand standards guide. These elements were all created to appeal to their target audience and provided SLI Capital guidelines to be able to implement the brand into their upcoming marketing efforts.

The Goals

When it comes to brand development–and marketing in general–understanding who you are speaking to is critical. Pinpointing specific Target audience groups will ensure that you are successfully resonating with the people your brand needs to reach in order to do the work that you do. For SLI Capital’s target audience, we understood that their audience would be Duke University graduate students, medical residents, young professionals at Duke University, Duke Hospital, and local tech companies employees. It’s important to understand their characteristics, challenges and needs when crafting a brand to resonate with your audience, especially when creating a brand for their home.

From the target audience, we developed the tone of voice, the property’s name and tagline, the property’s core messaging, and their visual identity. Creating all of these brand elements set up our clients for success in effectively communicating who they are and resonating with their market.


  • Brand Guide
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Templates
  • Collateral

From brainstorm and ideation to color selection and the ultimate name choice of the Terrazzo, the process of working with both our branding team and the client to develop a new apartment name and brand identity was nothing short of exceptional.

Ryan Didsbury, Brasco Senior Account Manager



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