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Our Web Process

We have extensive experience in website development projects with our in-house team. We are able to advise from strategy to content to user experience. We custom-build your website to fit your goals. Web development is just one part of our overall digital strategy that collaboratively works to make sure your website serves you, your brand, and your customers effectively. Proper web design and digital marketing play an important part in the success of your digital presence. Brasco /// will provide you with the strategy to help develop your website to align with your overarching goals.

We keep your goals in mind:

  • To create a modern website that is approachable and memorable
  • To build upon industry best practices of UX/UI design, information architecture, and on-page and technical SEO
  • To optimize the user journey and pathways to key content for all intended target markets and audiences
  • To position our clients as expert leaders in its industry
  • To ensure quick loading speeds, routine site backups, and information security from hackers and malware

Website Audit and Strategy

We gather as much information as possible to better understand your goals, audience characteristics and preferences, competitive landscape, digital landscape, and more.  We solidify how we want to approach your new website to ensure we are all in alignment in the beginning.

In our website audit, we will review your current website and digital assets, provide a questionnaire for all key stakeholders, and conduct kickoff and planning sessions with you. We will make a content scrape of your current website to assess your current messaging. It’s important to review analytics and to understand your digital competitor landscape as we get started. We will identify your target audience to ensure we are speaking to and resonating with your audience. Prior to moving to the next phase, we will provide a strategy report and presentation of our executive summary, key findings, user journey recommendations, website navigation, and priorities, and our project plan with key milestones. Look at how the website strategy informed how we prioritized the Wiregrass Construction website.

Website Content and Design

We create core visual elements and organize content in a purposeful way that is easy for the user and is also optimized for performance through a web strategy. We take a strategic approach to your content, design, and functionality. We ensure we have all your branding assets and discuss what assets you may need to be created.

Wireframes, Sitemap and Structure, and User Experience

Adhering to the approved website strategy, the wireframes represent the skeletal framework of the site and present the overall flow and priorities of the page as we recommend them. This helps guide content creation, design, and development.

Content Planning, Messaging, and Alignment 

We will review current web content, provide recommendations and adjustments to copy length and perform a copyedit review to ensure the content fits the refreshed visual layout and organization of information. We will provide messaging recommendations for the homepage and for page headers and calls to action and coordinate with your existing SEO team to ensure easy updates for SEO.

Art Direction & Creative Web Design

We will provide art direction and creative design mockups for key pages for review following the approved strategy, wireframing, and content approach. Each web page will be fully designed to incorporate various creative elements, illustrations, and interactive elements. We ensure modern designs with various layouts. On-page accessibility and compliance will be incorporated into both design and testing. Your design will be personalized to your brand.

Since many customers interact with a company for the first time online, it is critical to make the best first impression. User experience is often determined by effectiveness, ease, impact, and practicality. Take a look at how unique NCHFA’s Annual Report is to Little Doodle Cafe to Sweeten Creek Brewing’s websites!

Photography and Videography

We are happy to create and provide any photography or videography if needed!

Website Development

We create our websites typically within the WordPress platform, however, can be flexible to our client’s wishes. We provide your audience with a streamlined user experience, with easy navigation and interactive elements, in a clean and modern design. We optimize for the best search functionality and make recommendations to improve your overall site speed. We ensure your website is equipped for video. We will work with you to install Google Analytics and any other website integrations and functionalities you may need. All of our websites are responsive and take accessibility into account. We will create all contact forms needed throughout your website to ensure you can connect with your audiences!

We customize your build for your needs; whether you need a Tableau integration like on NCHFA’s Annual Report or custom career forms like Wiregrass Construction, we ensure we custom build your website to your needs.

See Our Website Development Work

Our Working Relationship Approach

After our project kickoff meeting, Brasco /// will provide a project plan and details and address any further information gathering and necessary materials. We will team you up with a dedicated account manager, web strategist, designer, content strategist, and WordPress web developer to create a cohesive digital representation of your brand.

  1. Meet – We always start with a friendly kickoff meeting, so your project team can get to know you, your brand, and your goals. Together, we create an ideal plan for success that will then be shared with and approved by you.
  2. Collaborate – You will always have ongoing support from your account manager. In addition to being the go-to point of contact for any questions, concerns, or conversations that may arise, you and s/he will meet frequently for project milestones and approvals.
  3. Create – We promise to design, animate, write, and edit whatever it takes to make your website come to life. All of our work is 100% unique to you.
  4. Develop – Our developers ensure the site’s design and functionality deliver the same beautiful experience across all devices.
  5. Deploy – After passing our tests and receiving your final approval, your site will launch under the new hosting platform, managed by our expert web development team.

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Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service possible, so you can get the most out of your investment and maximize the returns for your business.