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The brand is not just the logo, the mission, or the company’s the way your company is being expressed in all forms, from the copy on your website, to how you interact with your team, to the brand colors you choose. We start with your Brand Discovery and Strategy, where we lay the foundation for how you want your brand to be expressed across all touch points, both internally, and externally. From there, we create your brand messaging, visual identity system and your overall brand standards guide to help you communicate your brand effectively and cohesively into the world.

Our Brand Process

Brand Discovery

In this phase, we research and gather as much information as possible to better understand your goals, stakeholders, target audience, competitive landscape, digital landscape, and more.

We start by looking inward by providing our client’s initial questionnaires. Then, we can conduct stakeholder surveys, interviews, or focus groups, ultimately leading to brand workshops. From there, we look externally, conducting external positioning research, competitor research, and target audience research.

With this discovery, we can provide our key takeaways, identifying your challenges in the market, the solutions you bring to the table, and what your brand differentiators are that we should be honing in on in your brand. In our work with NCAPHA, CaroNova, and many others, we had many stakeholders involved in the project. We take the time to understand your perspective prior to giving our recommendations.

Brand Strategy

The Brand Strategy is how we want to approach a brand with a focus on the message we want to portray and the overall look and feel. It is our recommendation on how to position a brand and can be used as a guide for any future marketing work.

By aligning on the brand strategy up front, it makes for a much smoother, more efficient process throughout. Finding the core intersection between the story we want to tell and what the target audience wants to hear in a way that sets your brand apart in your industry. In doing this, we develop a unique personality, tone of voice, and a plan to position the brand externally. In our work with the Environmental Resource Center and Nupona, we were able to truly understand what sets these brands apart to communicate to their industries. 

Brand Name & Tagline

The Brand Name and Tagline are often one of the biggest contributors to someone’s first impression. Initially, it’s important to conduct competitor and industry research prior to brainstorming name and tagline pairing options for your brand. Domain and trademark research is also highly encouraged during this phase.

We can help guide your team in narrowing your brand name selection and test final options with you. We may determine what tagline or positioning statement we want to use to set the brand apart and begin to tell the brand story. CaroNova, Nupona, Terrazzo, and the Reverie are just a few of the brand names we’ve developed with our clients!

Brand Messaging

Building upon the Brand Strategy, this is where we develop a powerful and effective Brand Story to convey who you are, both internally and externally, in a way that deeply resonates with your desired Target Audience segments. This is especially helpful in framing what people perceive about your brand. We will identify what brand messaging elements are most important to create within your brand from your mission, vision, values, core messaging, pop messaging, elevator pitch, and more.

Brand positioning is accomplished through evaluating your value and pivoting it within a market. Our goal is to guide, direct, and deliver your brand benefits to your customers. You may already have some of these pieces created for your brand, we can always help refresh and build upon what you have already created. For clients like NCAPHA, where there are multiple brands created into a system, it’s so important to help communicate to your audience what those differences are. We help craft your positioning so that your target audience resonates with your message.

Brand Identity

When developing the visual identity, it is important to consider the story, theme, & tone we are conveying through each visual element chosen. The Brand Strategy and brand Messaging will guide the direction we choose to go, expanding that story through logo variations, illustrations, images, and other relevant or desired visual elements.

From the look and feel direction we create in the brand strategy, we will present your corporate identity concepts highlighting recommendations for your typography, color palette, and additional graphic design elements you desire or that we recommend help to build a cohesive visual identity system. Creating the brand identity is always such a fun part of the process, be sure to check out all of our example brands, as we can’t choose one favorite!

Brand Standards Guide

Once all of the key brand elements are developed, we put them into a visually pleasing Brand Standards Guide that will walk you through how & where to use each component. We then deliver this Brand Standards Guide to you with all final Visual Identity assets.

Brand Launch

As your updated brand is preparing to launch, we pinpoint every item that needs to be updated or developed along with a roll-out timeline. These launch materials may be items that are already existing that need to be replaced or new materials you desire to create.

These materials could include signage, email signature, print design collateral, your web/digital presence, brand launch announcement videos, social media, press releases, and more. We are a full-service agency at Brasco and have the team to help in any area of expertise to help launch your brand successfully. We have loved working with so many brands on their brand launch, especially CaroNova’s website. We can’t wait to share more soon!

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